In the first half of 2003, Ruth and Avi each took personal leave from work.  We rented out our house to friends and relocated our home base while in BC to our basement suite or to Hornby Island.  But from mid-February to mid-June we traveled:


Cuba (with Noam & Elie)

Portugal & Spain  (2 months, just Avi & Ruth)

France (Elie & Avi)

Germany (Ruth)


With us was our new toy - a digital camera.  This site presents the photos from the European (mainly Iberian) part of that time, often with accompanying text.  Sometimes the photos can be clicked upon for enlargement.  You are invited to see what we saw and read about how we saw it.   Feel free to write to us at dolgin@telus.net




TRAVELOGUES - We sent emails (sometimes long ones) from internet outlets along the road.  Excerpts of those emails, together with photos taken at the time, can be read here.


JEWISH - The quest for Jewish communities, past and present, was a significant focus of our trip.  Here are photos and descriptions on a Jewish theme, from Portugal and Spain.


ISLAM - The dominant culture in the region for centuries, here's what we saw of that legacy.


FORTRESSES AND CHURCHES - God, wealth and power.  As seen in stone, wood and tile.


TOWNS AND STREETS - Rooftops, doorways, hanging laundry and the other things that catch the eye when strolling through places people live.


OUTDOORS - Nature's beauty is everywhere.  This is a tiny part of this part of a beautiful world.


PEOPLE AND POLITICS - Walled cities and flowered hillsides are ultimately insufficient without the people who work and struggle against that backdrop.


DESKTOPS - A random collection of photos I like (with brief descriptions) that might make good downloads for use as desktop images on your computer.





In Salvador Dali's back yard.   Cadaques

Barcelona.  With the Sagrada Familia in background


The Alhambra, Granada




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