Some random views of what was to be seen (and smelled, and walked upon, and…) as we traveled around:



Hiking the “Alpujarras” hills, south of Granada.  That’s “our” town, Valor, down below.  Valor is here displayed by Ruth, since we’ve lost the trail and are going through prickly bushes in shorts.


In the Alpujarras

In the hills near Costa del Sol


Wildflowers seen in the Alpujarras.   Click for enlargements


Hiking above the city of Nerja, on the Costa del Sol.    Click for enlargements

Storks’ nests.  Southern Portugal

My camera has a weak zoom, so I put binoculars in front of the lens to see these flamingos.

Beach in the Algarve, Portugal.  Unfortunately it was cold and windy that day.

Fishing boats in the Algarve

Barbary apes roam freely on the Rock of Gibraltar


Coastline of Cabo de Gata, the extreme southeast of Spain

San Pedro cove, in the Cabo de Gata

Wildflowers in the hills of Cabo de Gata

A picnic spot while hiking the hills in southern Spain