The ferry from Horsheshoe Bay to Nanaimo arrives at Departure Bay. But the ferry from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo arrives at Duke Point.  Remember this for the return trip. 


From either terminal, (shortcut suggestion from Departure Bay: The road goes uphill to join the Island Highway. The first intersection [it has a light] is Northfield**. Turn left and continue to the Nanaimo Parkway at the very end. Turn right) go north along the Island Highway toward Courtenay / Campbell River. About 50 minutes past Nanaimo you'll come to the exit. The exit is marked for Buckley Bay, and there’s a sign before the Buckley Bay signs advising that the next exit is for Denman and Hornby. Exit.

You'll come to a Petrocan beside the ferry landing.  Drive to the ferry ticket window and buy a 'throughfare' ticket to Hornby. Park your car and get a snack (both sides of the Petrocan building) while waiting.


As you come off the boat at Denman, follow the traffic and the signs to the second ferry. It's timed for a good connection. Hand in your throughfare ticket here. 


** On the trip back to Vancouver, do not follow the highway signs to Departure Bay even if you are going to Vancouver via Horseshoe Bay.  Instead, keep on the bypass toward Victoria. The third or fourth light is Northfield.  Turn left here, follow to the end, turn right, and get into the lane marked for the ferry.





As you come off the ferry check your odometer. The road swings left past the Thatch pub and carries on past Bradsdadsland Camping, a bunch of small farms, and the Cardboard House Bakery (now closed, alas!). This road carries on toward the Co-op and the rest of the island, but you only continue part way. After the bakery there’s a big bend in the road, and then you watch for the first left turn. That's Carmichael Road (there's a sign). You are now 6 km from the ferry.  Turn left.

Follow Carmichael to the very end. Just before the end, Cannon Road will go off to your right.  Don't leave Carmichael - I only mention Cannon Road as a sign you are almost at the end.  At the end you will see the road turn sharply to the right, and in front of you among the bushes you will see a post with reflective candy-stripe tape. The post has the numbers '355'.  Beside the post is a driveway. That's us.  Go down the driveway, park your car, and enter the gate.





Go to your left around the house to the deck area. The key will unlock the exterior door at the far end of the deck.  Look around the deck for the wheelbarrow - we use it to move firewood and also to load/unload our car.


Once indoors, look for the "Welcome to our home" booklet in a clear plastic and purple cover- it should be hanging near the kitchen notice area.  Read it - I think it answers all questions.


You might need to turn on the hot water and the water pump when you arrive (in the non-summer months). The booklet explains how. You'll probably need to turn it off again when departing. (Note that you do NOT need to turn off any water or electrical switches when you leave during July/August. Also remember that the need for water conservation is at its highest during these months.)


Now relax and enjoy.