Since Greyhound died there is really only one option for bussing up island. But itís a good one:



This is a local firm that schedules its buses so they make convenient ferry connections. And if the ferry is late arriving, the bus (actually, a passenger van) doesn't leave until after its in. Wifi on all buses Ė and they will transport a bicycle if itís boxed. They cover all the major stops along eastern Vancouver Island, so you can go to or from Buckley Bay (terminal for the Denman & Hornby ferries) from Nanaimo or Victoria.


Book online - the website for bookings or just schedules is http://islandlinkbus.com




To get to or from the Horseshoe Bay terminal, take the #257 express bus.Downtown, it stops in front of The Bay and a few more places.


I personally leave home on foot, hop the Canada Line to downtown, transfer to the #257, walk onto the ferry at Horseshoe Bay, walk off at Departure Bay (Nanaimo) and get into the waiting Island Link bus, get dropped off at Buckley Bay, and canvass the drivers in Lane 1 of the ferry waiting area for a lift to Hornby (at least, thatís what I did before Covid-19).†† Door to door about 4.5 hours, without a car, if you do your planning.